We Were Designed with Your Needs Foremost in Mind!

The WAI network was designed and developed in recognition of the need among federal agencies for:

  • Top-quality, experienced, certified and professional support in all aspects of ensuring EEO compliance
  • Timely completion of assignments. WAI employs a number of proprietary, relational database tools that facilitate the tracking of key phases of all EEO-related projects to assure timely performance and provide alerts to agency clientele if and when delays are threatened.
  • A well managed support organization that relieves agency clients of the burden of having to directly manage their outsourced professionals.
  • Scalability, which allows WAI to field as many professionals as might be required by one or more agencies or departments within the government.

Competitive pricing for the services rendered, including generous discounts off our already discounted GSA pricing, and additional discounts for prompt payment of invoices, which gives you the opportunity to save even more!

You Need WAI If…

  • You need help managing a backlog of cases.
  • You want to do a better job of settling disputes before they become formal complaints.
  • Through improved training at all levels of your workforce, you want to do a better job of reducing the number of disputes that might otherwise arise.
  • You want to reduce the cost of your organization’s dispute resolution activities.  (Studies have shown that case management expenses are lower with a skilled and experienced external vendor than when the cases are handled “in-house.”)
  • Your caseload isn’t being handled in a timely manner.  (Studies also show that external vendors are timelier than when cases are handled by in-house staff.)
  • Your ADR/mediation program is not getting the desired results (75% to 90% settlement rate?)

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, WAI should be your vendor of choice.

Collectively, our team of EEO professionals represent over three centuries of experience in successfully addressing the needs of federal agency employees.  Indeed, most of our associates are themselves retired EEO program officers, attorneys, retired judges, and others certified and experienced in the various EEO specialties.

About Wintersmith & Associates, Inc. (WAI)

WAI is a Colorado-based, minority and veteran-owned small disadvantaged business that specializes in equal employment opportunity (EEO) complaint processing and dispute resolution among private- and government-sector employers.

In support of private-sector employers, we:

  • Specialize in the design and conduct of diversity awareness programs
  • The development of content for automated, Web-based, and multimedia supervisory and management training programs
  • The conduct of “bullet-proofing,” a process that helps employers minimize or eliminate the risk of non-compliance with the EEO laws of the nation, and thus with costly litigation by helping company leaders anticipate and avoid problems.

WAI is also a GSA-approved vendor under Federal Supply Schedule 738X, offering a range of EEO-related training and dispute resolution services to federal employers nationwide.  These services include:

  • Counseling
  • Investigations
  • The writing of Final Agency Decisions (FADs)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation
  • EEO Consulting and Training
  • The production of public information materials, training manuals, and a wide range of marketing materials.

Located in the Rocky Mountain Region 8, WAI is the only EEO services provider in the Denver Metro area. We are located 20 minutes from downtown Denver, 40 minutes to the Denver Federal Center, and 30 minutes to Denver International Airport.

We maintain training facilities in our headquarters offices near the intersection of Mississippi and Havana, and are able to conduct individual and small-group sessions there.  We can also accommodate private interviews and mediations there, as well as in facilities that you provide.