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Dr. Robert Wintersmith was employed as the Director of Research and Education for the Colorado Civil Rights Division (CCRD) for 14 years.   Under his leadership the Colorado State Legislature mandated the practice of ADR/mediation to the CCRD.

Thereafter he designed and implemented a complete, formal, statewide mediation, conciliation program for the Colorado Civil Rights Division.  He has conducted over 2,000 employment mediations. Additionally, he has mediated over 300 “macro” disputes over issues of inter-group tension that involved school superintendents, principals, sheriffs departments, police and prosecutors. He has conducted mediations on Indian Reservations (between Tribal Governments and local county governments) and in county jails and state prisons.

Dr. Wintersmith has been a practicing social worker, counselor, therapist and community organizer. For over 30 years he was a consultant to U.S. Justice Department, Community Relations Service. He is a former Police Commisioner of a major midwestern city and is currently a contract mediator for the U.S. Postal Service and the EEOC. He is a designated Advanced Practitioner with the ACR, Senior Mediator with Mediate.com and Professional Mediator with the CCMO. He earned his under-graduate degree from Lincoln University, two Masters from Washington University and Occidental College respectively and an earned doctorate from Brandeis University.

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